Swasthyam HealthCare

Swasthyam Healthcare is a treatment center, natural remedies like acupressure, magnet, yoga, naturopathy, healing etc. are used. All these methods are very straightforward, pointless and painless. Through all these methods, the treatment of body diseases leads to diseases removed from the disease in the body and there is no possibility of diseases again and again. Patients with natural healing need to be very patient and confident. So the good result can be obtained in the diseases. All these methods are thousands of years old system. So that diseases in this natural body can be destroyed only by the natural methods of diseases, some of these natural methods are made in the Health Center. Health caring approaches available At Swathyam Healthcare center:
- Diet Naturopathy
- Massage with Steambath
- Ayurvedic Acupressure
- Chinese Acupressure
- Sujok & E.A.V.
- Reflaxology & Shiastu
- Magnet Therapy
- Meridian Massage Therapy
- Colour Therapy
- Mudra Therapy
- Seed Therapy
- Number Therapy
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