How to enable Embedded Emulator in Android Studio

This video shows How to enable Embedded Emulator in Android Studio 4.1 which provides New Emulator inside Android Studio which is new features of Android Studio 4.1. This video is one of the best android studio 4.1 tutorial which shows Android Studio 4.1 is available with many new features like android studio 4.1 emulator.
In this video we explore one of the new features of android studio 4.1, which is Embedded Emulator. Video shows how to enable embedded emulator in latest android studio 4.1 which covers embedded emulator android studio with embedded emulator definition and how Android studio 4.1 version is available with stable version. So, upgrade your Android Studio to whatever latest available with emulator embedded devices.
In old AVD while we run the android project for embedded device emulator, where we need to switch from Editor-Area to Emulator. Latest Android emulator embedded systems example has No need to navigate between Emulator and Editor Area of Android studio 4.1+. Now run directly from Android Studio to avoid switching between Editor-Area and Emulator of Android Studio with latest android studio emulator. In old AVD means android emulator, which is not within Android Studio, now in new feature AVD is available within Android Studio. By default this option is disabled in Android Studio 4.1, we need to enable it, you can see that how can we make it enable which latest android studio 4.1 tutorial. AVD means Android Virtual Device. Navigate quickly in between Emulator and Editor-Area of Android Studio by HotKeys.
In all android studio features if you want to android studio emulator download or you are getting error of android studio emulator not working, like avd android studio giving error android avd was killed, this video tutorial will be helpful. If in your android studio avd was killed where there is no provistion of avd inside android studio and you want to run fast android emulator, at that time if you will get error in android studio emulator slow windows 10 with old emulator inside android studio, you can see how to speed up android emulator in android studio where android emulator very slow windows 10 and technique of making the Android emulator run faster in Android Studio 4.1
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