Navigation 3 in 1 Navigation drawer below toolbar and remove header

This video is best tutorial for Navigation Drawer named NavigationView 3 in 1 in Android Studio 4.0.
Main 3 important techniques to learn in Latest Navigation Drawer in AndroidX.
1. How to remove Navigation Drawer or how to hide navigationview in Android.
2. how to make small NavigationView in Android or how to reduce height of navigation drawer.
3. How to make Navigation Drawer Below Toolbar or Navigationview below Actionbar in Android Studio.

Navigation drawer 3 in 1 show implementation of code to make navigation drawer below Actionbar, navigation drawer below Tooblar and Navigation drawer below Statusbar in android. This video shows experiments with android navigation drawer with code and graphical output in emulator in this android tutorial.

Navigation View 3 in 1 is one of the best android tutorial to understanding Navigation Drawer setup, what is change in previous Android Studio and latest Android Studio 4.0 to make changes in Navigation Drawer = "true” or android:fitsSystemWindows = "false” in latest android app development.

Developer learn how you can use NavigationView or NavigationDrawer in Android after migrate to Androidx. After move towards android jetpack. This is very easy and simple code to implement Navigationview in Android with android studio to implementation of Androidx navigation drawer. This YouTube video helps to implement Navigationview in androidx, after migration to androidx with navigation drawer.

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