Same fragments in Navigation Drawer and Bottom Navigation View

This video shows How to implement BottomNavigationView with Navigation Drawer in Android App in Android studio 3.6.

you may learn:
- how to add fragment in navigation drawer and bottom navigation view in android studio 3.6+
-how to manage Same Fragments in NavigationView & Bottom NavigationView which are working simultaneously AndroidX.
- how to manage NavController with BottomNavigationView
- how to add new fragment with mobile_navigation.xml
- how to add new fragment in activity_main_drawer.xml
- how to add new fragment in AppBarConfiguration inside MainActivity
- create new fragment in androidx.
- How to Add Fragment to mobile_navigation
- Add Fragment to with same-id to activity_main_drawer
- how to add AppBarConfiguration in
- how to navigation drawer inside fragment
here you can learn how you can add new fragment and use that fragment in NavigationView or NavigationDrawer and Bottom Navigation View in Android after migrate to androidx in Android studio 3.6.

After move towards android jetpack this is very easy and simple code to implement navigationview in Android with android studio to implementation of androidx navigation drawer.