Edge Panel Samsung Mobile feature

This video shows edge panel Samsung feature with all available functionalities.
If samsung edge panel disappeared from mobile and you are in the search of edge panel samsung s20, edge panel s10, edge panel s20, edge panel samsung a50, edge panel samsung m31, edge panel samsung a51 or edge panel for any android mobile handset, this video will be useful. This video shows edge screen settings with samsung edge panel update and one of the best samsung edge panel apps along with edge panel handle as well as edge panel apps with implement that how samsung edge panel split screen in real handset. If your mobile has Edge panel not working and you have question that how to get samsung edge panel or New Samsung mobile has edge screen not working or with latest handset of year 2020, 2021 and in that handset edge panel missing and do you have query that How do I activate the Edge panel in Samsung mobile handset if feature is available in your phone, than this video useful to learn concept of samsung edge panel.